Friday, April 22, 2011

Charlie Adventures

Hi Mom, whatcha doin?

Ooh look leaves and stuff

Maybe I can find something hidden in the pine needles that I'm not supposed to eat

Still lookin, but I'm not finding it

Hmm this looks promising

Oooh pretty flower, it's so tasty looking


Aww man I lost the point part in the grass

Oh well I'll play with this clump of grass instead

Mmm I love grass

It's just so tasty, um why am I eating this again

Snooping for something else

Hey look!  My tail is long enough to cover my face if I turn around

Maybe I'll just sit by this tree and be nice for a while

Okay I'm done with that, plus the wind is cold

I could just stand here looking pretty

Or make dopey faces at the camera

Ah yes, this antique rocking chair that my mom loves is the perfect chair for me to sleep on


  1. Oh goodness! Charlie is very much like Becky (my black and tan) in personality I think. Adorable photos!

    I hear you on the school stress... my daughters feel much the same.

  2. I was noticing the same thing. He's got a real liking to sticks too.

    Ugh school, it's just so frustrating.