Completed Projects


Reproduction 1924 Callot Soeurs evening dress for Vintage Day at the Groveland Hotel, 1 June 2013

Reproduction vintage cocktail dress for my honeymoon trip to Mexico, October 2012
Union Suit for Charlie, winter 2012
Swiss waist for me, autumn 2012
1852 fan front bodice and skirt for me, autumn 2012

Reproduction 1960 Princess Margaret wedding dress for my wedding day, 2 June 2012
1960 crinoline for my wedding dress, 2 June 2012
Butterick 6582 for my bridal shower, 28 April 2012
Butterick "Walk-away" dress for me, February 2012
1950s crinoline for me, February 2012


c. 1853 basque jacket and skirt for me, autumn 2011
c.1853 day dress for me, summer 2011


early 16th century Tudor style gown


12th century Bliaut
16th century Cranach gown

16th century Italian kirtle and camica

Senior Project: Theatrical version of a 16th century dress for character Desdemona