Thursday, September 27, 2012

It only took 2 whole years

December 2010.  No paint, drab nasty green curtains

Summer 2011.  New paint job, same crappy old door, and the nasty green curtains that do not match and are hung improperly.
September 2012.  New curtains (hung incorrectly for the moment), paint all finished, living room reorganized
September 2012.  Curtains rehung in the correct position, tie backs secured to the wall and everything in place.
Hi I'm Charlie and I approve of the work my mom does.  It makes me happy
 This is part of why it takes me a million years to sew anything.  I keep working on putting our household in order and making it pretty.

Pink Jackets

I'm starting to get motivated to do more sewing despite all the home repairs I've been making.  A few months ago I mentioned this little pink jacket I wanted to make for work.  I finally started on it.  No pattern, draped by me from rectangular pieces of taffeta.  I'm quite pleased so far.
The inspiration: Portrait of M. Obleuhova 1855. vasily pukirev. russian  From this site

The jacket I've started draping over the last few days

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Almost time for 1861

A side view with no boning in place

The front, still no boning
I've been working on this for a while.  In honor of the Columbia SHP back to school event, I'm doing an 1861 inspired outfit for Saturday (and probably tomorrow also).  I haven't taken any photos lately, but all that's missing right now are the lacing holes up the front.  I'm so excited.