Friday, April 8, 2011


It would appear as though I'm changing directions in costuming.  While I still love 16th century things, there have been so many other eras that have caught my attention lately, especially the 18th, early-mid 19th, and the 1950s.  Getting a job in Columbia has only furthered that.  I get to wear a costume to work everyday!  Naturally I want to make my own and do it right and have a whole character and that kind of thing.  So in an attempt to do that  I will be starting with the corset.

I acquired a size 50 black commercial corset (yes the cheap kind) a while ago.  I decided the other night to make use of it.  I'm going to alter it to fit me by reducing the measurements by about 20+" and adding some better boning to it.  After that I will be moving on to petticoats and a shift and that kind of thing.

So, here's to earning money and being able to make things again.  The new costume plans for the year as of today are:

1. 1950s halter dress for my wedding in white satin with organza overlay and blue petticoat
2. 1852 Gold Rush ensemble for work
3. 1852 winter dress and cloak for work
4. 16th c. stays by hand using apricot wood for boning
5. a variety of corsets
6. a complete Tudor era ensemble


  1. Beautiful Ruby CKCS in your photo. What an interesting job. My daughter has a passion for costume design which stems from working at a historical site at one time.

  2. Well thank you very muc; he's my pride and joy despite his slightly destructive nature these days. That's such a strange coincidence. Cavaliers and connections to historical costumes seem to go hand in hand for some reason.