Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trial Run for Saturday

Did some practice of my makeup for Saturday night.  I haven't figured out my hair yet and I did not wear foundation or concealer in the below photos (I got frustrated while shopping and left that part for tomorow).

Ignore the giant zit please ;)

Bitches be hatin'  but I love my crown

Just one more piece of trim to cut and attach, then finish off the sleeve openings.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

1920s and Cavaliers

 I've been hard at work on the new dress for this coming Saturday's event.  Hopefully I can make some more progress on it tonight.
Only when you have cavs...

 On the left, the first draping of the under-dress.  I haven't attached the trim yet.  On the right, the trim attached and hemmed.
 The bottom layer of the dress!
 and the purple mumu I wear to work.  Ugh!  The only reason it looks like that is because I'm standing over the heater vent.
 The top layer from the side and from the front.  The lining of it has it's hem pinned, now onto the chiffon layer and then attaching the trim.  I'm hearing the finale!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black and Gold Obsession

I've kind of become obsessed with this certain dress.  I also have an event coming up on June 1st that I'll need something Art Deco to wear.  Perfect!
Evening Dress c.1924, Callot Soeurs more info can be found here

same dress, from here