Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy times

What have I been up to lately?  Well....tons of things.  I broke a window so I had to replace it, that was fun.  The process of course required me to smash it further.

 I worked like crazy on a corset and bloomers for a co-worker
 I debated about wearing an old regency period dress I made for Halloween, opted not to though
Oh yeah this was my Halloween: me, a co-worker, and the boss.  It was a fun day though, normal routine but in undies.  Got a few fitting issues to finish working on though.

My to-do list:
1. Brenda's corset: finish the alterations
2. New fun skirts for Becky
3. Maroon wool bodice for me
4. Striped dress with matching Swiss waist for me

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dogs and sewing

how cute am I?

on patrol again to make sure the dumb neighbors don't make too much noise

this is my perch where I like to watch the leaves out the window
As you can see, Charlie is growing up.  He enjoys being a good watch dog and still frolicking around whenever he can.  Such a joy to have such a sweet dog.  Today he's helping me paint and will be helping with the sewing later.

Business has been slow, both at work and my little operation.  I have been working on a corset and bloomer combo for Brenda that we wore for Halloween.  It was more of a "dress rehearsal" for me to see what needs to be changed.  Got a lot of work to do on that little number.

The to-do list looks something like this now:
1. Brenda's bloomers: fix leg hems with nice seam finish; enclose raw edges on inside; re-gather the waist and attach a proper closure
2. Brenda's corset: take in bust by about 2" or so minimum; add some more boning; lining
3. Pattern for Jo's dress
4. Finish wool/taffeta jacketey thing for me
5. Make appropriate winter clothing for work and clean up scrap pile in process