Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wedding update

Butterick's B5556:  1955 design

Princess Margret's 1960 wedding dress
I bought a pattern today (couldn't resist).  While it might not be the end-all deciding factor in creating Princess Margret's dress, I think it's very close.  The bodice of the pattern is cut as two backs and two fronts, just like the original.  It has the same collar, granted the pattern is much more of a stand up style than Margret's.  The amount of ease in the pattern's bodice matches pretty close to Margret's dress.  Margret's sleeves are longer, but that could be adjusted and the pattern has a shorter skirt.  The darts are in the same place too, although Margret's dress as two additional darts on the sides.

This means that I need to make an under bodice that's strapless and either wear it as a completely separate piece or attach the two somehow.

I did a bit more looking for a base pattern for my maid of honour's dress.  Found a few viable options:
Butterick's B5603: the blue dress

Butterick's B6582 :the yellow dress

Vogue's V1094
I'm leaning more toward the Vintage Vogue pattern, although I like the others as well.  Will have to noodle on that some more.

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