Thursday, January 12, 2012

So much to do, so little time

Well life has been busy and I have done no sewing, big surprise.  I am forcing myself to finish a project for a former coworker that I did last Halloween and I have no motivation to finish.  I'm promising myself never again to offer to make corsets for other people and never to work for such cheap wages.  It's a lethal combination; I'm convinced of it.  Not to mention that my machine needs to be serviced and I nearly broke it trying to finish this stupid thing.  Bleh.

There is big costume/sewing news though.  I get to start on my wedding dress soon.  Behold the grand scheme:
Photo from madameguillotine

photo from madameguillotine

The maid of honour's dress (can't remember where I found it though)
The plan as of now is to recreate the dress as best as possible.  I'm so excited about it and I plan to document each step of the process.

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