Friday, May 13, 2011

List of house things. lots of work ahead

Long-term plans
- Add yellow and white ceramic tile to counter tops and a back-splash to replace cheap OSH from 1990s remodel
- Embroider white linen curtains in yellow thread as a keepsake
- Redo the tile on the floor in either black or white.   completed April 2013
- New refrigerator in a vintage style that actually matches
- Acquire 1950s cooking implements (all Foley brand if possible with red wooden handles)
- Add Drawer pulls for cabinets and drawers       completed May 2011

- Replace windows so they're not broken
- carpet
- new closet doors and organization system for closet

- Remove plastic shower insert and retile in ceramic tile
- Redo flooring
- Remove counters and replace with pedestal sink, shelves, and tall cabinet piece
- Remove door to "closet" and replace with wall like it originally was
- Install a ventilation system
- Replace the window so it won't be rotten

- Remove the wardrobe that was added in 1990s remodel
- Knock down the wall to gain access to the original closet

- Recarpet
- Remove WalMart particle board bookshelves and replace with permanent wood ones that are attached to the wall (floor to ceiling)
- Arrange Mark's stereo stuff on the other wall
- Replace the window with better glass and weather stripping
- Replace door with a  new one so you can't see daylight around the perimeter

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