Thursday, August 15, 2013

Will work for champagne

I've managed to do quite a bit today, but feel like I did nothing.  Oh well.

Fabric has been laundered for a corset for a friend of mine.  Just waiting to get the energy to start some patterning for it.  I've either lost or loaned my 19th century corset pattern, so I'll be using my underbust one as a guideline for Tracie's project.  She fit in mine perfectly, so this should be pretty easy to transfer measurements.

While I wait for myself to not be lazy, I started some research on the court dress.  After reading the write-up on the basics of court dress that Kendra put up, it made me realize I'm not sure what I was thinking.  I won't be needing my stays, so there was really no reason to tear apart the garage/laundry room for a second time.  oops.  I will be going the route of the boned bodice, using the 1660s one in Patterns of Fashion as a base.  After seeing the construction photos (and the finished result) over at Before the Automobile I'm really pleased with the idea.

Oh and I painted the garage door today.  A huge improvement I'd say, even if it is just temporary.

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