Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Revisiting the 19th century

The new vest all draped, pinned, and ready for stitching
I seriously cannot stand the thought of wearing the moo-moo anymore to work.  I tried the whole, not caring about the fact that the state park system is essentially lying to the public by incorrectly portraying what clothing looked like.  I have given in again and will be making something pretty that fits...with lots of lace and ruffles and pretty details.

Some of my inspirations are below.  I know for sure that on the skirt I will be attaching lace to the skirt ruffles like the two fashion plates partially for the prettiness, but mostly to cover stains from wearing the dress for a year and a half everyday and working in it.  I love the idea of a vest with the skirt and a blouse.  It's slightly militaristic, slightly masculine, and very functional.

Portrait of Katarzyna Potocka c.1854 from Wikipedia

Fashion plate from Graham's 1851 from this site

Antique Steel Engraving published 1824-51, London for "The World of fashion and Continental Feuilletons" from this site

Fashions for September 1851 From Harper's magazine. located at this site

It's actually a green broadcloth lined in blue floral cotton, but the lighting doesn't show that too well (my eye is really bothering me today and I haven't slept since about midnight last night).

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