Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts on the subject of "costuming"

I found an interesting piece at work today while I was cleaning up, so I photocopied it.  Below is a transcription of it, I don't know the date it was written or who wrote it.

The interpretive time period for Columbia is 1850-1870.  Some of the businesses may reflect a shorter time period.  Your clothing should reflect that time.  The following is general information, for more specific details you can get the Columbia Costuming Manual at the District Office.

Women should wear either a skirt and blouse or dress.  The blouse or dress top should have loose, long sleeves which may be rolled up, the bodice should reach to the neckline, no scoop necks.  The skirt should be full, it does not have to drag on the floor but can reach the ankles.  Gunny Sax dresses are not appropriate.  A bib apron may be worn.  Shoes should be dark and comfortable, no exercise shoes.
So according to this general outline I can wear a bustle dress.  The shop I work in was still in operation as a general store during the 1870s (in fact it has been ever since with the exception of a few years when it was home to a candy store).  Guess I can also wear the skirt/blouse combo too.  Good to know considering my new project.
Lovely plaid skirt, blouse, from The Barrington House

photo by Lady Clementina Hawarden from The V&A

photo by Lady Clementina Hawarden from The V&A
In honor of Friends of Columbia State Historic Park's 1861 Back to School night on 15 September, I'm declaring September Swiss Waist month in Columbia, CA (and the surrounding areas if you like).

I've already started mine.  It's a nice chocolate brown jacquard that I'll be wearing with the skirt from my 1850s fan front dress and a variety of shirts.

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