Thursday, June 21, 2012

Setting myself straight

I think it might be necessary to post a little list to keep myself focused on the projects I need to complete (mostly so all the fabric strewn across the garage can be picked up and put into plastic bins and stored nicely).
Modified from the list in the 2011 wrap up post
1. Garbaldi blouses in red, white, and black
2. a maroon skirt with blue wool trim
3. a blue wool bodice
4. a black/blue striped bustle dress with red petticoat, c. 1869
5. a green skirt with box pleated ruffle
6. the green striped dress with matching Swiss waist
7. Pink and poofy 3 tiered skirt
8.1850s purple striped basque jacket
9. 1960 Princess Margaret wedding dress
10. 1837-41 day dress
11. Green skirt with pink silk basque
12. 1839-45 day dress in paisley
13. 1840s Barbie pink taffeta jacket
14. Short-er sleeved white shirt for summer
15. Early 16th century court dress with brown "fur" turnbacks
16. c.1848 day bodice and skirt in green plaid homespun
17. 18th century stays in red taffeta

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