Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dogs and sewing

how cute am I?

on patrol again to make sure the dumb neighbors don't make too much noise

this is my perch where I like to watch the leaves out the window
As you can see, Charlie is growing up.  He enjoys being a good watch dog and still frolicking around whenever he can.  Such a joy to have such a sweet dog.  Today he's helping me paint and will be helping with the sewing later.

Business has been slow, both at work and my little operation.  I have been working on a corset and bloomer combo for Brenda that we wore for Halloween.  It was more of a "dress rehearsal" for me to see what needs to be changed.  Got a lot of work to do on that little number.

The to-do list looks something like this now:
1. Brenda's bloomers: fix leg hems with nice seam finish; enclose raw edges on inside; re-gather the waist and attach a proper closure
2. Brenda's corset: take in bust by about 2" or so minimum; add some more boning; lining
3. Pattern for Jo's dress
4. Finish wool/taffeta jacketey thing for me
5. Make appropriate winter clothing for work and clean up scrap pile in process

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