Thursday, June 16, 2011

The corded petticoat and the horrible workdress

First, my brand new corded petticoat.  It's ~94 inches in circumference. 

 Made from cotton with cotton crochet cord.

Next, the work dress.  The lady who makes the dresses charges $150 for a dress with no back stitching anywhere on the whole thing.  My sleeve has come undone, but I really don't feel like fixing it.
 Complete with odd wrinkles in the back because it doesn't fit properly, not to mention the back is about two inches lower at the waistline than the front.
 The front, with really ugly darts to "shape" the bodice.
 The super flimsy skirt with no petticoats or anything
 The skirt with my new petticoat under it.
 And a third version with a flounced petticoat over the corded one

Below you can see the weird tilt of the waistline that makes the dress rather unflattering.  Just imagine it with the apron we're all required to wear.  Ugh.

Sacky looking I think.

And now you've all shared the horrors that are the dresses made for the state park.  The best part, the woman's little page on the the official park website states that they are "1870s Pioneer Dresses."  Last I checked the heyday of the "pioneer" age was more 18302-40s.  Fortunately I have started patterning my dress and and will be doing a bodice mock up soon.  Really makes me sad that this woman makes so much money making such shoddy examples of women's clothing.


  1. Wow....Um, that is truly horrible. Makes my eyes hurt.

    Nice job on the petti though.

  2. Do you have a corset? I think that would help with the fit 100%